A Look Into the Pool Enclosure Screen Replacement Process

Installing a pool enclosure screen in your Louisiana home brings many benefits, including protection from pests or bugs, improved aesthetic appeal, and low pool maintenance.

However, like all other home installations, pool enclosures also have a lifespan. Coupled with some unpredictable damage to some panels, you’ll eventually require a full or partial pool enclosure screen replacement to continue enjoying these benefits. This article describes this process.

Phase 1

Evaluate the level of the enclosure damage and whether you need a full or to replace a few damaged panels. Locate a particular panel to start from.

Phase 2

Remove the damaged screen from its frame by lifting the end of the spline to remove it off the groove. Once the spline is out of the way, pull the screen from the frame.

Phase 3

Remove any small pieces left as you scrub the spline channel with a stiff-bristle nylon brush. Measure the dimensions of the panel and cut off the corresponding measurement from the screen-roll. Remember to add about an inch on each side as an allowance for the best result when installing.

Phase 4

Place the screen on the opening, leaving an inch on either side. Someone can hold for you on one side as you attach the other one. Attach enough spline on at least two sides of the panel, starting at the corner. Use a pool screen roller to secure the screen on the frame by pressing the thread across the spline channel.

Phase 5

After ensuring no wrinkles and the screen is tight enough, cut the excess screen hanging outside the spline groove using box cutters. The cutting should be done carefully and in an outward direction to avoid damaging the new screen.

Phase 6

Repeat procedures 1 to 5 for other panels that need replacement.

Final Thoughts

The whole job of pool screen enclosure replacement is a significant undertaking. It involves different tools and can be potentially dangerous, especially when working above the cage through those thin frames or tall ladders. Therefore, if you need a complete replacement, avoid costly mistakes, or don’t have the necessary skills, you’d better leave this job to professionals. Pool contractors got all the required tools, trained installers, and insurance cover in case of any fall or accident.

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