Pool Enclosures in Metairie, LA, and the Greater New Orleans Area

A backyard pool offers homeowners a great way to cool off and have some fun during the summer. But an unprotected pool can lead to a multitude of negative situations, from increased work to legal issues to death. Luckily, high-quality pool enclosures offer homeowners with a pool the perfect solution to protect themselves, their family, and anyone else who wanders near their pool.

If you need pool enclosure services in the Metairie, LA, and the Greater New Orleans Area, turn to All Aluminum Construction.

Increased Safety

Undeniably, one of the best benefits of a pool enclosure is the added safety it offers. Drowning is a very real concern for any homeowner with young children or elderly parents who could fall into the pool. And friends, relatives, and neighbors are all possible candidates too.

With a high-quality pool enclosure from All Aluminum Construction, you can securely lock up your pool when a capable adult isn’t available to act as a lifeguard. Not only will this prevent young children who don’t understand the danger from a fatal accident, it will also safeguard you against trespassers who just want a quick dip.

More Privacy

Pool enclosures, particularly those with a roof, give homeowners more privacy than an open pool does. And homeowners who want to use their pool for relaxing, exercise, or a small party may not like the idea of the adjacent neighbors peeking over the fence to watch.

At All Aluminum Construction, we provide pool enclosures that come with your choice of roof design, so you can match the enclosure to the style of your pool and home and create the level of privacy you want.

Less Pests and Debris

When you have a pool enclosure, you can prevent a number of unpleasant situations, like a swarm of mosquitoes, an army of frogs, or a flock of ducks. In addition, you won’t have to regularly fish out leaves, twigs, or garbage that has blown into your pool.

If your backyard pool in Metairie, LA, and the Greater New Orleans Area is in need of pool enclosure services, contact our team today at 504-405-6177.